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Saturday, March 3, 2007

shower power

8:50pm Othe********:(Autoreply)
who here doesn't do their best thinking in the shower?

oh momma!

6:21pm island******:(Autoreply)
(watching Meerkat Manor)
Me: Flower's knocked up.
Mom: Again?! She's gotta learn to keep her legs closed.

shave my head

3:33am N***as:(Autoreply)

That's it! I'm done with her! Fini! The end! Over! I'm gonna shave my head, become a lesbian, and climb a mountain! So long, chum.

... You think she'll wanna come?

Friday, March 2, 2007

a friday night plea

7:47pm Jump***:(Autoreply)
Dear God,

please help my neighbors find something else to do tonight, so that they are not at home and are not able to play loud music. Amen


8:38am N***s:(Autoreply)

4am is the new midnight

too old

8:36am M******30: (Autoreply)
i want to play in the snow
but i'm too lazy
i'm old now

being a better man

8:35am e***: (Autoreply)
its a great feeling to be driving down a road and notice there are green lights as far as you can see. nothing to stop you. i wish life were always that easy.

also, knowing that you can buy asparagus at 2 am is reassuring. wegmans: i love you. you make me want to be a better man.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

this is the last one today, promise...I'm tired too

12:42am D*****34: (Autoreply)
Ah... rest.

So true

12:40am s******88: (Autoreply)
"what sound does a shower make?"


I heart Raymond Gozzi

12:38am E******n: (Autoreply)
wellllllll okayyyyyyyyyy.

does gozzi take three minute breaks all the time?

"tiimmmme for bed. but first, a three minute break."

vague, but concerned

6:48pm M******rose: (Autoreply)
please be safe...

If only we could all go to Miami

6:32pm D******n: (Autoreply)
Thursday! ACK! I have to pack for Miami!!! (which means I have to do laundry...)

someone took a little offense to my own away message

[last night]

1:29:05 AM i**: damn straight
1:29:07 AM i**: I'm right
1:29:19 AM e**: yea
1:29:40 AM e**: go to bed
Changed status to Away (1:37:19 AM)
Changed status to Away: go to bed. shakes fist. (1:37:20 AM)

[this afternoon]

2:17:33 PM e**: do you want me to tell you in person to go to bed?
2:17:36 PM i** (Autoreply): can you be as bold face-to-face as you are in your away messages?
2:17:37 PM e**: sheesh


10:25am RH*************r4: (Auto-reply)
good morning, hope you slept well
have an awesome day
catch up with me later please

all vague away messages should be haikus

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


1:55am K**4: (Autoreply)
"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives."

...and cue the insanity

nice metaphors here...

12:12pm Rose*******: (Autoreply)
oyoyoyoy....mountains of work, puddles of time: not a good combination!

leave a good one, i'll need a distraction


8:45am Mik**30 (Autoreply):
"...you could always fall back on your degree in... Communications!! Oh, dear Lord!"
"I know, phony major! I learned nothing, NOTHING!"

Touche dear sir, touche

8:45am n*s (auto-reply):

(a) i want a pankegg for breakfast today.
(b) this is totally true.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Computer Programmers will get this one...

6:44:40 PM xplo******rt (Autoreply):
cout << "Relaxing." << endl;
cin >> finally

Don't lie, you check them

Hello, my name is Maggie.

And yes, I am an Away Message Checker.

Aren't we all? We're all curious as to what our friends/family/neighbors are doing with their lives and we just want them to post it online in the form of an away message.

There's so much you can tell from an away message. You can tell who's happy, who's sad, who just got dumped. It's an art, really.

I created this blog to celebrate that art.

I've changed the screennames of those who's away messages I use, but, they are brilliant in their own right. Whether a joke, a tear, or a smile is meant, each away message is unique.

So here's to being away from the computer.

Creativity is encouraged.

How this works:

I change all the names associated with each message. No one gave me permission to use them, these are all posted on sites like Facebook, Myspace, or AIM that use status updates or away messages for friends and family to see.
I do not own any of these photos (unless otherwise noted), they belong to the copyright owners, and are all attributed back to the owner's flickr accounts.

The juxtaposition of both though, is uniquely mine.

To send me an e-mail send it to: maggie [dot] brockmann [at] gmail [dot] com.


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