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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Before Midnight Mass

Jane Doe is getting ready for midnight mass.

xmas fairy

John Doe is xmas.

24 Dec 2007 (xmas fairy), originally uploaded by wonderferret.


Jane Doe is 'twas the night before christmas..

'Twas the Day of Christmas, originally uploaded by foundphotoslj.

Baby Jesus

John Doe doesn't agree with religion, but loves taking advantage of it. merry fucking christmas.

Baby Jesus, originally uploaded by asteegabo.


Jane Doe is watching grinch with the fam. love christmas.

grinch, originally uploaded by theogeo.

King Rambo

John Doe just finished watching his favorite Christmas movie...Rambo! Nothing says holidays more.

King Rambo, originally uploaded by azrainman.


John Doe wants you to watch Maui Chopper tonight at 10pm on Tru TV.

Chopper, originally uploaded by -Niloy-.

hanukkah ~ fourth night

John Doe is wishing everyone a happy fourth night of Hanukkah!

hanukkah ~ fourth night, originally uploaded by striatic.

Missing Him

Jane Doe is missing Bryan, but I feel so blessed to have someone to miss and to have a big piece of him right here with me to hold and love. I am a lucky woman.

iraq, originally uploaded by Army.mil.


John Doe is definitely not watching the Muppet's Christmas Carol...what are you talking about!?

17/52 -denial, originally uploaded by LabGP & SigOther.

No Cellphone Unless

Jane Doe is cellphoneless.

No Cellphone Unless, originally uploaded by romulusnr.

Triple Dog

John Doe triple dog dares you!

, originally uploaded by larry&flo.


John Doe is at Caesar's Palace...no not the real one.

Caesar's Palace - Statue, originally uploaded by jdnx.


Jane Doe thinks christmas is exhausting.

Tired runners, originally uploaded by André-Pierre.

crunk Christmas


Blue Christmas

Jane Doe has the Christmas blues.

Ornamentation, originally uploaded by Paul Davidson.

Happy Festivus

Jane Doe is wishing you a happy happy hanukkah/christmas/boxing day/new years/end of december/etc.

Happy Festivus, originally uploaded by steakpinball.

everyone plus the dog

Jane Doe is missing her family.


John Doe is engaged in Holiday arguments. Really enjoying this vacation. Top notch.

SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!!!!!!, originally uploaded by pinguino.


Jane Doe is trying to figure out how to unload a sore throat before having to sing the soprano part to the Hallelujah Chorus at Midnight Mass!!!

project 365: day 304, originally uploaded by erin MC hammer.

Green Christmas

John Doe is pissed he's going to have a 73 degree x-mas. Why God???


John Doe needs to capitalize.

Scrooge's turkey

John Doe is thinking maybe Turkeys aren't so bad.

Scrooge's turkey, originally uploaded by kevindooley.

To Me, You Are Perfect

Jane Doe I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes Christmas is all around me and so the feeling grows..

(2005) To Me, You Are Perfect, originally uploaded by j.gresham.

Self-service checkout

Jane Doe almost threw down on some middle-aged lady at Meijer earlier...she literally had 100 items in the self checkout lane and had the cahones to bust out 20 coupons.

Self-service checkout in M&S, originally uploaded by jaygooby.


Jane Doe is out making deliveries :).

Tissue Delivery, originally uploaded by kamshots.

My Grandma

Jane Doe's grandmother passed away this morning.

My Grandma, originally uploaded by gailf548.

Santa @ NORAD

John Doe is keeping tabs on Santa's whereabouts, courtesy of NORAD and Google Maps.

Santa @ NORAD, originally uploaded by dannysullivan.

A nickel late, a month short

John Doe is wishing FedEx would show up all ready...COME ON!!!

A nickel late, a month short, originally uploaded by 00dann.

The light of the world

Jane Doe is cozy:).

The light of the world, originally uploaded by Daniel E Bruce.


John Doe is searching the globe for karaoke music! Tonight is the night!

pregnantbirthday, originally uploaded by 0595.

White Christmas

John Doe is gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny fuckin' Kaye!

White Noise Christmas No.2, originally uploaded by fotologic.

Open field, Allen, Texas

Jane Doe thinks you'd never realize this country is in a recession if you came to my hometown of allen, tx!! i never have to leave town to shop/wine/dine!

Open field, Allen, Texas, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Voltron Front

Jane Doe just watched an episode of Voltron. Old-school!

Voltron Front, originally uploaded by stoic.

Christmas Decorations

Jane Doe is A HOMEOWNER! well will be when we close, but my offer was accepted!

Christmas Decorations, originally uploaded by Joe Shlabotnik.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oreo Bliss

John Doe is ok, thanks to the ER, some silver nitrate, some deep breaths, and an oreo twisted frosty.

Oreo Bliss, originally uploaded by Randy Son Of Robert.


John Doe wants to have a John Travolta marathon but his mom won't let him.

scienronaldgy, originally uploaded by reedbiotch.

Day 566 / 365 - Chilly

Jane Doe has cold hands

Day 566 / 365 - Chilly, originally uploaded by JasonRogers.

spice girls 028

Jane Doe is just finished baking cookies while listening to spice girls

spice girls 028, originally uploaded by garybembridge.

texas tux

John Doe likes to picture Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt cause like it says I wanna be formal but I'm here to party too...

craig in his texas tux, originally uploaded by chadmagiera.


Jane Doe is its never simple, never easy.


Jane Doe is its never simple, never easy.


John Doe is a rockstar.

Dylan the "Rockstar"..., originally uploaded by Јerry.

Don't step in poop

John Doe would enjoy his dogs kisses more if the little bastard didn't eat cat poop....nasty!!

Don't step in poop, originally uploaded by thefuturistics.


John Doe watching a movie about pearl harbor with alec baldwin. it's hard to take jack donaghy from 30 rock seriously.

alec.baldwin.jpg, originally uploaded by pvera.

Power Ranger

John Doe is the White Ranger.


John Doe is eating the wallpaper. It might be time to go to the supermarket.

Wallpaper, originally uploaded by saturday sun.

Ceiling Fan

Jane Doe is scared the fan is gonna fall on her while she's sleeping.

Ceiling Fan, originally uploaded by jeffk.

Jane Doe has been without internet for one day and is trying to figure out how she'll survive till thurs night...

NO, originally uploaded by xenolon.

Wedding Day Rain Out

Jane Doe is continuing the wedding planning with John Doe, keeping it as stressfree as possible, which were actually doing.

Wedding Day Rain Out, originally uploaded by Sister72.

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