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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The scent of my perfume

Jane Doe just baked banana bread and I wish I could bottle up the smell.

The scent of my perfume, originally uploaded by CoreForce.

Mound of fabric

John Doe is now wondering what the trick is to folding a fitted sheet? What the hell!

Mound of fabric, originally uploaded by Andie712b.


John Doe is addicted to Lays Barbecue Potato chips along with orville Redenbackers ultimate Butter Popcorn.

popcorn!!, originally uploaded by superiphi.


Jane Doe still trying to get her her hubby to start setting up the Christmas tree. :D.

Immigrants & Luggage

Jane Doe lost two hours of sleep this morning, thanks to the snoring rendition of "Immigrant Song."

End Gender Violence

Jane Doe finds out what gender her baby is in 3 1/2 weeks!!

End Gender Violence, originally uploaded by Lisa Norwood.


Jane Doe is torn between two extremes. should I play it safe or wild out???

Protection, originally uploaded by Hryckowian.

Family Portrait with Flood Damage

John Doe is moved into his new apartment...aka the same exact apartment but on the second floor. Thanks flood damage.


John Doe is working on new acoustic songs.

Acoustic, originally uploaded by tico24 : Plinkk Photography.

Car Jacked

John Doe just got served to testify against the infamous Sepulveda Car Jacker on Wednesday - but at least he can get his headlight violation cleared while he's there...

Car Jacked, originally uploaded by Editor B.

Vegas by night

John Doe is now several hundred dollars poorer, but still had a great time in Vegas!

Vegas by night, originally uploaded by wili_hybrid.

yeah fly high baby yeah

Jane Doe will bring the fire, make you come alive, I can take you higher...

yeah fly high baby yeah, originally uploaded by oddsock.

grandpa's friends

John Doe just defriended someone for the first time... or is it un-friending? Regardless, it was intense...

grandpa's friends, originally uploaded by freeparking.

kindergarten is fun

Jane Doe sure hopes it doesn't rain in kindergarten tomorrow :(.

kindergarten is fun, originally uploaded by woodleywonderworks.

NHL Squircle

John Doe is trying to get used to the new controls of NHL 09.

NHL Squircle, originally uploaded by Xurble.

Kings of Leon Concert

Jane Doe is obsessed with Kings of Leon.

296 - Kings of Leon Concert, originally uploaded by eyeliam.


Jane Doe is very surprised that intercom didn't mention the sophomore that was hit by a drunk driver on fri that's not doing so great [or the cop either].

Drunk Guy, originally uploaded by Bistrosavage.

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