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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Too Unattractive to be Photographed

Jane Doe is feeling a little unattractive:(.

TV stuk

Jane Doe is on a media fast this weekend. i love my job!

TV stuk, originally uploaded by thms.nl.


John Doe is truckin' along...

LEGO 7991 Recycle Truck, originally uploaded by bucklava.

corporate bully

John Doe is thinking people need to mind their own fucking business.

Big Hug

Jane Doe wants a hug... one of the ones where you don't let go right away... yea. haha.

Big Hug, originally uploaded by gemsling.


Jane Doe is focusing on the positive... a new exciting day!

positive, originally uploaded by sdminor81.


Jane Doe is making a cameo on The Bonnie Hunt Show today! noon on NBC if you're in LA ;-).

Cameos, originally uploaded by Sherry's Rose Cottage.

Herbie The Love Bug

John Doe is waiting for Herbie's Auto Haus to fix his car. That's right - haus.

Herbie The Love Bug, originally uploaded by Joe Shlabotnik.

Accent Limited Edition

Jane Doe was born in the south, but has a northern accent! haha No wonder people ask if I'm from New York.

Christmas Boots

Jane Doe is not going home for Christmas because her mother seems to think that prop 8 passing is funny.

New England Sports Fan

Jane Doe is having a Boston/Buffalo weekend with her VIP Bruins/Sabres package and her tickets to the Pats/Bills game. She hopes everyone is jealous.

New England Sports Fan, originally uploaded by chipgriffin.

Butterfly Ankle

Jane Doe's ankles hurt from running so long yesterday... I guess I can "feel the burn" haha.

Butterfly Ankle, originally uploaded by Editor B.

cute little milk

Jane Doe wonders why no one steals her milk when she buys a half gallon and hopes people will help finish it, but when she buys a quart, it disappears.

cute little milk, originally uploaded by striatic.

Boo on Prop 8

John Doe is glad he stopped by the No on Prop 8 rally, but wishes it hadn't involved an impromptu course in coolant hose repair next to the Beverly Center...

Boo on Prop 8, originally uploaded by brenbot.

crowd blur

John Doe really wishes he wasn't alone right now.


Jane Doe is sick of people's racism, if you can't stand it that our new president elect is someone of color than you can go ahead and de-friend me.

Racism, originally uploaded by maHidoodi.

Cabinet Drawers

John Doe would like President Obama to know that he is available for any political appointee positions. Cabinet-level and above of course.

Cabinet Drawers, originally uploaded by OK-59.


Jane Doe forgot how hard these overnight shifts can be. Bill, would you quit already? :-p.

Sunrise in 16 X 9, originally uploaded by eye of einstein.

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Jane Doe finally saw back to the future, and thinks its way too oedipal and creepy...

The Jurassic Obstacle Course

John Doe is RIP Michael Crichton. Another great writer gone.

The Jurassic Obstacle Course, originally uploaded by revjim5000.

Flaming Shot

John Doe is in the #1 featured video on youtube right now and it doesn't even involve flaming shots!

Booze + Fuego = Nirvana!!!, originally uploaded by ifindkarma.

Drudge Dialect Vol.1

John Doe is no longer reading drudge after the way he "covered" the election last night.

Drudge Dialect Vol.1, originally uploaded by Dplanet::.

Oprah and Barack

Jane Doe made the mistake of watching oprah the day after barack obama was elected president. i cant stop weeping. i love this country.

Oprah and Barack, originally uploaded by whoohoo120.

passport stamps

Jane Doe is wondering where her passport ran off to, hopefully its someplace cool getting a stamp I'm lacking, but finds its way home before next week.

My collection of passport stamps, originally uploaded by hjl.

Obama Supporters

Jane Doe is fine that Barack will be pres. but really annoyed that some of his supporters have no tact.

Obama Supporters, originally uploaded by locusolus.

white house

John Doe thinks we're going to have to rename the White House.

white house, originally uploaded by dcJohn.

Coffee Consumption

Jane Doe thinks its hysterical that regulars at the normal starbucks I work at also daily frequent the one I worked at today, and they are more than 15 minutes apart.

Coffee Consumption, originally uploaded by brownbeatle.

Alexander Hamilton

Jane Doe thinks people are completely justified in having their own opinion.

Alexander Hamilton, originally uploaded by dbking.


John Doe is sad about a certain author passing away. Somewhere out there, a velociraptor is crying.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ali! Ali! Ali!

John Doe 1st loss of tha season. Garbage.

Ali! Ali! Ali!, originally uploaded by Dave Hogg.


Jane Doe is up at 5am and watching ben affleck overact on snl.

TV; "Brainwashed", originally uploaded by Aaron Escobar.


Jane Doe has been doped up on tylenol with codine and muscle relaxants all weekend and has to go to a physical therapist...

pills, originally uploaded by rodrigo senna.


John Doe is "approvin' million dollar deals from his iPhone".

Early Morning Gridiron

Jane Doe has never been so proud to be a RED RAIDER! What a game!


John Doe wants to be called Spaghetti.

CIMG0818, originally uploaded by russelljsmith.

Halloween Candy

Jane Doe is wondering who scooped up all the discounted Halloween chocolates before she had a chance to hit the stores....

Halloween Candy, originally uploaded by rochelle, et. al..


John Doe is finally rid of the Jew-fro.

stalking the Roomba

Jane Doe Watching the Roomba run. :-D.

Linus stalking the Roomba, originally uploaded by Eirik Newth.

Oklahoma Kayaks

Jane Doe is going kayaking!!

Oklahoma Kayaks, originally uploaded by FreeWine.


John Doe is shopping for a new bed.....don't ask why.

I ♥ Dubai

John Doe has a peculiar urge to move to Dubai.

I ♥ Dubai, originally uploaded by el7bara.

Turn Your Clocks Ahead!

John Doe is woah, daylight savings.

Turn Your Clocks Ahead!, originally uploaded by Sister72.


John Doe is Halloweened out. Ever since my neighbor starting brewing his own beer...all he talks about is beer...and I hear it, through my window eve

Flying Dog Brewery, originally uploaded by cliff1066.

Zack and Miri

John Doe is gonna see Zack and Miri make something today.

Slip Up Socks, originally uploaded by LollyKnit.


Jane Doe is wondering whether or not she should get a rug.

Moroccan Rugs, originally uploaded by tigertwo.

All the Stupid People

John Doe is sad that he can't save people from their own stupidity.

All the Stupid People, originally uploaded by Orin Optiglot.


Jane Doe is buying my first Christmas tree!

Christmas in Love ..., originally uploaded by krisdecurtis.

Los Angeles sunset

Jane Doe misses the West Coast Contingent already... :-(.

Los Angeles sunset, originally uploaded by kla4067.


Jane Doe says rocknrolla is a fantastic movie.

Monday Morning Rocknrolla, originally uploaded by Hryckowian.

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