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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rick Warren

John Doe is angry listening to Rick Warren--a bigoted, ignorant, phony.

Rick Warren, originally uploaded by tonysteward.

Inauguration of President-Elect Obama

John Doe is watching the Inaguration...I'm guessing you are too, so this isn't very original, but pretty damn historic.

Princess Bel Air

Jane Doe is trying to organize and balance work, princess-ing, and school!

Princess Bel Air -01, originally uploaded by akaporn.

Crazzle Hat

Jane Doe would someday like to be billed as "entertainer" as Aretha is. Also, love her hat.

Crazzle Hat, originally uploaded by davitydave.


John Doe thinks the guy that gets to annouce people walking in, has a really cool voice and thinks he should do books on tape.

Spirit Legs.

John Doe can hear the people upstairs from his brother's apartment listening to the inauguration BUT CAN'T GET VIDEO TO LOAD IN ENGLISH!!!!!

Spirit Legs., originally uploaded by 一朗.


John Doe is watching what happens when times are bad and people put there hope in one person to fix it, isn't this how fascism gets started?

facism, originally uploaded by *sean.

a wheelchair.

Jane Doe this inauguration is not wheelchair accessible.

Red Wine Veal Carpaccio, Roasted Pine Nut Butter, Truffle

John Doe is amazed at all of the words being invented on the facebook live feed....waiting for history to UNVEAL? what the hell is unveal?


Jane Doe is so proud to live in a democracy, even when her choice doesn't necessarily prevail. Cheerfully praying for the new president of the United States!

democracy, originally uploaded by D'Arcy Norman.


John Doe is the only person in switzerland watching, everyone else is eating fondue and rubbing chocolate on themselves to celebrate.

chocolate!, originally uploaded by Lin Pernille ♥ Photography.

empty chairs

John Doe also overestimated seating for this online event, i have twenty extra chairs here if you want to sit with me....

empty, originally uploaded by izzyplante.

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