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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Hello there,
Maggie here. I run this here blog. I wanted to let readers know what's going on with this blog here. I'm going to start updating on a bi-weekly basis, on Thursdays and Sundays.

So...stay tuned for new posts on those days of the week.

Thanks for reading!

Pandora Are Serious Cat, originally uploaded by brownpau.

sweet old kiss

Jane Doe is taking care of old people.

sweet old kiss, originally uploaded by dark_ghetto28.

Unsuccessful Day 2 of Jury Duty

Jane Doe is glad jury duty is over. it's been a long 4 days.

Unsuccessful Day 2 of Jury Duty, originally uploaded by Hvnly.

Cereal Killer

John Doe feels like he just got away with murder, and he totally gets Dexter now.

Cereal Killer, originally uploaded by malias.

Free Martha

John Doe is going to get a free Dr. Pepper...and so are you!

Free Martha, originally uploaded by blmurch.

Resume T-shirt

Jane Doe got her first official job offer today!!!

Santa Lights up

Jane Doe is thinking of picking up some extra holiday employment for the next 6 weeks or so. thoughts and horror stories welcome!

Elina & Marjorie's Lament

Jane Doe is thinking about how difficult life is as an immigrant...you know, I'm European, life's sooo hard

oh dear, originally uploaded by irina slutsky.

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The juxtaposition of both though, is uniquely mine.

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