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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Jane Doe just registered for my first mini-marathon.. can't believe it!! ~.

Boston Marathon, originally uploaded by Paul Keleher.

christian siriano

John Doe believes it time to bury the phrase "hot mess." We can bury it next to "thrown under the bus.".

Adam Dances

John Doe LOVED KOL and Scientisits and was amused by everyone's silly dancing.

Adam Dances Pt.3, originally uploaded by Aaron_M.

My first paycheck

Jane Doe her first paycheck today! WOOT!

1/365 - My first paycheck, originally uploaded by orphanjones.


Jane Doe is exhausted with politics. Who is Joe the plumber? And, why can't we all just get along?

Plumbing, FTW, originally uploaded by spierzchala.


Jane Doe got a note from a volunteer that made her cry = makes it all worth it.

afghanistan, originally uploaded by Army.mil.

Camping Trip

Taste the lights, taste the action, taste the fame: Camp Campington Falls.

Bittersweet with Acorns

Jane Doe has just realized that Acorn may in fact be The One Acorn and we may need to destroy it to save the animal kingdom.

Bittersweet with Acorns, originally uploaded by chefranden.

Calgary morning

Jane Doe is up way tooo early for her.... she had no idea it was so cold and dark this early.

Home Party

John Doe is very, very glad to be home.

Home Party, originally uploaded by Hamed Saber.


Jane Doe can't wait for survivor tonight.... :).

Survivor, originally uploaded by basykes.

Winter Meal

John Doe is excited for summer ;-).

Winter Meal, originally uploaded by Jan Tik.

The History of Corn (Johnston, Iowa)

John Doe is just another day in Iowa.


Jane Doe is resentful that she had to get up at 5am and there is no free coffee...

DSC00209.JPG, originally uploaded by David Blaine.

New Phone!

John Doe is playing on his new phone.

Kaylyn at Tyger Valley Centre, originally uploaded by DanieVDM.

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls

John Doe is an UNCLE! Welcome to earth, Lily Ann! 9 lbs...

Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, originally uploaded by dan taylor.

Job Interview

John Doe rocked that interview.

Job Interview, originally uploaded by fuzzcat.


Jane Doe is stuffy :( and had the feeling she would come home sick!

DSC_3958, originally uploaded by mikefats.

copley square, boston

Jane Doe is excited for Boston this weekend for so many reasons!

copley square, boston, originally uploaded by Paul Keleher.


Jane Doe is gearing up for the second half of her week.

Gear / Ralla, originally uploaded by reportergimmi™.

A Nice WTF

Jane Doe is EUROTRIP! Switzerland, Amsterdam, then Barcelona for the next 10 days!!

A Nice WTF, originally uploaded by christopher.woo.

News Team

Jane Doe is waiting for news. Just waiting.

P1140587 - WJLA News Team, originally uploaded by glass window.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition (1911)

John Doe aspires to have his own wikipedia page one day. I aim high in life.

Wounds That Never Heal

Jane Doe really needs everything to just go away and leave her alone. It all hurts too much.

Wounds That Never Heal, originally uploaded by Capture Queen ™.

Changing Time

Jane Doe is amazed at how much people can change in such a short time...

Changing Time, originally uploaded by Joe Shlabotnik.

Rock the vote

Jane Doe wants YOU to register to vote! Do it to it: http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/elections_vr.htm.

Rock the Vote- 2008, originally uploaded by nakano.photography.


John Doe wishes he were a lemon.

Lemon, originally uploaded by Dr. Keats.


Jane Doe is writing.

Journal, originally uploaded by basykes.


Jane Doe is keeping her fingers crossed!!

Crossed Fingers IV, originally uploaded by Katie Tegtmeyer.


Jane Doe is someone should make facebook stalking a full-time job with Benefits. In the meantime, I have to be a slave to the man.

Persiana Americana, originally uploaded by XirannisX en Off.


John Doe is a jackass and proud of it!!

Donkey, originally uploaded by moose.boy.

Water Aerobics

John Doe thinks old people water aerobics just made his day.

Seth Meyers

Is it wrong that I had a dream that Seth Meyers and I made out and then wrote sketches for SNL?

Seth Meyers, originally uploaded by Anya Garrett.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


John Doe is still in fookin' Bruges.

Collin, originally uploaded by Aaron Van Dike.


Jane Doe hates the sun.

square, originally uploaded by chadmagiera.


Jane Doe thinks she might already have carpal tunnel syndrome.

we'll meet again, originally uploaded by chaosinjune.


Jane Doe is watching man vs. wild and praying she'll never have to eat a maggot.

Line 'em up!, originally uploaded by SuperFantastic.


John Doe is thinking this is a good day. OU lost, OSU won, and I didn't die from my 5k run.

Won, originally uploaded by *Dario*.


Jane Doe is trying to find Fluffy.

Fluffy - the great explorer, originally uploaded by foshie.


Jane Doe is thinking about the oddities she saw today in the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

cage, originally uploaded by mikepsiaki.


Jane Doe says that Pumpkin beer and Pumpkin seeds are Nice.

rolling down a hill

Jane Doe misses her childhood innocence. three days. 2 tests & a quiz. this needs to end now!!!

rolling down a hill, originally uploaded by woodleywonderworks.


Jane Doe is mad.. i lost my phone!!!!

Streeter Seidell, Comedian, originally uploaded by Zach Klein.

Poland is getting emotional

Jane Doe is talk about a great weekend for Polish sports!!! Kubica 2nd in the Japan Grand Prix!!!! Two more races to go - can't wait:)).

Poland is getting emotional, originally uploaded by grisei.

Help Point

Jane Doe needs a lot of help with her studies this week. :(.

Help Point, originally uploaded by markhillary.

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