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Friday, April 3, 2009

Message from Maggie

Hey ya'll,
I've been slacking on this blog, I know I know. Life gets away from you sometimes. My new goal is to update this a couple times a week, so be on the lookout for new posts every couple of days.


Late for Work

John Doe got up today, thinking it was saturday. Therefore, he was an hour late to work.

Late for Work / Tarde pa'l trabajo, originally uploaded by Eneas.

So Gay For Marriage

John Doe Someone please explain to me how Iowa became more progressive than California? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090403/ap_on_re_us/iowa_gay_marriage.

So Gay For Marriage, originally uploaded by CarbonNYC.

A bride

Jane Doe woah.........I'm getting married in less then five hours......breathe angie breathe.

A bride_[hdr], originally uploaded by _neona_.

Bring May Flowers

Jane Doe they sure were right about those April showers!

09 04 03, originally uploaded by mattjiggins.

no pooping!

John Doe #followfriday makes me feel warm. Now I have to go follow my dog and pick up his poop which makes my hand feel warm.

no pooping!, originally uploaded by johannal.


Jane Doe owns the world's squeakiest kitten. Anyone got any WD40?

WD-40_fun, originally uploaded by ocean yamaha.

The Big Apple is dangerous!

Jane Doe heading to the big apple in a few, it'll be nice to feel at home again :-).

The Big Apple is dangerous!, originally uploaded by srboisvert.

Cuddle Bunnies

Jane Doe is disgusted with people who use pet names for their other half. Barf.

Cuddle Bunnies, originally uploaded by CarbonNYC.


John Doe Sitting at home, 500 yards from the Binghamton hostage situation.


Jane Doe is on-air for 50 HOUR STRAIGHT. 91.7 FM and vicradio.org.

DJ, originally uploaded by akuepper.

Guess where I am?

Jane Doe hates her doctors office.

The last of the puppies

Jane Doe needs a puppy.

The last of the puppies, originally uploaded by basykes.

Red plaster socks

Jane Doe is spending the night on her couch with beer and the red sox.

Red plaster socks, originally uploaded by ItzaFineDay.

Avalanche Andre

John Doe ..that is pouring like an avalanche, coming down the mountain.

Avalanche Andre part deux, originally uploaded by Andre Charland.

Heart Attack

Jane Doe is having small, silent heart attacks.

Hosp_1011, originally uploaded by Bludgeoner86.

Two Surfers

Jane Doe wants to get out of this office and go for a really long swim in the ocean...

Two Surfers, originally uploaded by MikeFinkelstein.

Chicago Skyline

John Doe beautiful view of the Chicago skyline! chillin' in O'Hare anticipating a weekend of music, friendship, and harmony back on South Hill!

Chicago Skyline, originally uploaded by jadell.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Light at the end of tunnel

John Doe I'm getting excited about the end, but I'm not excited that it is the end, and I pray that it won't be.

Light at the end of tunnel, originally uploaded by Jsome1.

Having screwdrivers

John Doe i started my truck with a screw driver... go me.

Old Photo

John Doe going through old photos and is feeling sentimental.

Old Photo, originally uploaded by zanaceabuna75.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done

Jane Doe Dear Monday, Are you done yet? Sincerely, Jane.

Steak: After, originally uploaded by basheertome.

Snow in Spring

Jane Doe is mocking today's pitiful attempt at snow, knowing that the rest of the week is bringing 50s temps!!! Bring on Spring!!!

Snow in Spring, originally uploaded by David Pfeffer.

Method Man, Warming Up

John Doe has a method to his madness.

Method Man, Warming Up, originally uploaded by adam.riggall.


Jane Doe just spent hours making a cake and some cupcakes for John's B-Day Party...I think I may have went overboard...oops!

cupcakes, originally uploaded by miss karen.

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