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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chuck Norris Says....

John Doe is stuck in a blizzard and watching "Walker, Texas Ranger."

Chuck Norris Says...., originally uploaded by Podknox.

Ballerina Munchkin Cow

Jane Doe is rejoicing with the ballerinas.

Ballerina Munchkin Cow, originally uploaded by Allis0n J.


John Doe needs someone to explain to him how we manage to put on live newscasts every night.

DSC_0186.JPG, originally uploaded by KOMUnews.

OS X 10.5

John Doe Vista can suck a nut! Switching to XP with a little Linux on the side.

OS X 10.5 (Leopard), originally uploaded by DeclanTM.

long shadow

Jane Doe loves your long shadows and your gunpowder eyes.

long shadow text-ing, originally uploaded by eye of einstein.


Jane Doe is hey, you, get off of my cloud.

Teshub, originally uploaded by kevindooley.

Snow Day

John Doe SNOW DAY TOMORROWWWWW!!!! (Yes, Teachers get excited too!)

Snow Day, originally uploaded by √oхέƒx™.

Teepee Cafe

John Doe found a great new cafe and bought two pieces of art!

Teepee Bar & Cafe, originally uploaded by mfajardo.

Getting ready...

Jane Doe is getting ready for the parade :).

Super Yosakoi festival, originally uploaded by switchstyle.

Dance with Snow

Jane Doe is doing her snow dance. And hoping John already did his...

Dance with Snow, originally uploaded by hibino.

Nashville Skyline

Jane Doe just left the Nashville network- tear. It was time to say goodbye, time to say hello to my options. Come on jobs- find me :D.

Nashville Skyline, originally uploaded by kyle simourd.


Jane Doe is annoyed that i cant study because of my roommates. maybe i should move.

Uhaul, originally uploaded by Editor B.

Coldfall Wood

John Doe is at the woods.

Coldfall Wood, London N10, originally uploaded by markhillary.

London calling

John Doe has call at 6:00am, blech. Goodnight then. Oh wait... gotta at least check the woots first.


John Doe just had an awesome past 24 hours thanks to Disney and Dream House! Thank you everyone for coming! (Note: that's what she said).

BarbieDreamHouse, originally uploaded by downing.amanda.


Jane Doe is really nervous about something, but i don't know what :(.

Anxious, originally uploaded by Balamurug@n.

Doing the Waltz

Jane Doe let me sing you a waltz. out of nowhere, out of my thoughts.

Doing the Waltz, originally uploaded by Daniel Pink.

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