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Friday, March 27, 2009


John Doe a.d.i.d.a.s. -- all day i dream about sandwiches.

sandwich, originally uploaded by dvs.

Snow War I

Jane Doe doesn't think it should be 'snowing' in Texas this late in the year. Especially when lately the temperatures have been in the 80's.

The Flickr Snow War I, originally uploaded by Hamed Saber.


Jane Doe "No baby Youuuuuuur Toxic."

Toxic, originally uploaded by John-Morgan.

Foxy Meg

John Doe Anyone else think Megan Fox is kinda gross and lame?

megan-fox-10120801, originally uploaded by aznviolaguy.

30 Rock

Jane Doe is lizzing.

30 Rock, originally uploaded by Joe Shlabotnik.


John Doe likes things #82: action movies that take place at Christmas time, i.e. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Die Hard 2.

070622_0036.jpg, originally uploaded by yon_demon.

Recycle Truck

Jane Doe feels like she was hit by a truck she wasn't actually hit by a truck ...ha.

LEGO 7991 Recycle Truck, originally uploaded by bucklava.

delete fail

Jane Doe I finally deleted you...... now I need to delete you out of my head...

delete fail, originally uploaded by basibanget.

Sushi Bar

Jane Doe is happy that I can't eat meat on Friday right now... I can indulge in sushi and some BAD MOTHA' shrimp tonight :).

Work It

Jane Doe is standing 20 feet from Prince watching his sound check!

Work It, originally uploaded by wonker.

Take One

John Doe asks are you real to me? Or are you non-dairy creamer?

Take One, originally uploaded by powerbooktrance.

Wanted: Santa Claus

Jane Doe i don't believe you...

Wanted: Santa Claus, originally uploaded by kevindooley.

Kelly Clarkson

John Doe i just watched on youtube kelly clarkson winning american idol, singing a moment like this, and i started crying... here in the office... haha. yes. i'm THAT lame. thank god tom or rachel didn't walk through...haha.

KellyClarksonRiverport01, originally uploaded by shane o mac.


John Doe sucks at Chess with Friends. No friend of Chess with Friends, this guy.

Chess, originally uploaded by frankblacknoir.

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