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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Electricity meter

John Doe forgot how much winter sucks... and how it sucks not having electricity for three days!

Electricity meter, originally uploaded by jturn.

The Baby Was Mean About My Pants. Here, You Can Have Him Back

John Doe can't understand why John McCain is such a cranky mean-y pants!

mcdonalds feed

John Doe won a free hour of WiFi at McDonalds.... hooray?

mcdonalds feed, originally uploaded by ford.

Wawa "hot" handle bag

They're gonna burn that city down cause nem Phillies won. Also: hoagies, cheesesteaks, Wawa.

Wawa "hot" handle bag, originally uploaded by freakapotimus.


Jane Doe loves that the words "I need to use the princess phone" are mentioned frequently in normal conversation on her current project.

Wooooow!, originally uploaded by pieterjanviaene.


Jane Doe is having so much fun training! the cork war was awesome too!

Corks, originally uploaded by Stewart.


John Doe is wondering how many days we can go without a script to prep before someone in our department has a nervous breakdown...

JustGiveMeTheDamnKnife, originally uploaded by ginnfizz.

NO on PROP 8!!

John Doe thinks he might fly out to California to help protest if Prop 8 passes next week.

NO on PROP 8!!, originally uploaded by Travesty Photography.

Cleaning up the mess

John Doe believes that cleaning one's apartment is therapeutic.

Cleaning up the mess, originally uploaded by tm_lv.

vacation in the 60s

Jane Doe is in a time warp - 60's day at the office!


Jane Doe has a pretty awesome/trampy costume for tomorrow :).

Pimps and Sluts ' Day 95, originally uploaded by worak.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Jane Doe is a domestic diva (three loads of laundry and three batches of desserts later).

Domestic Diva 2, originally uploaded by ruthieonart.


John Doe is a baby pram.

boy girl with doll in pram, originally uploaded by Foxtongue.


John Doe is thinking that Joe the Plumber should stop holding press interviews and come and fix his clogged drain...

Bat Phone

John Doe just found out about "reject hotline numbers"...f-ing hilarious!!!

Bat Phone, originally uploaded by Phillie Casablanca.

I'm so excited, I'm so, I'm so....tired....

Jane Doe is mustering all her Jessie Spano strength to show the national media this weekend that the religious left can pull off mega political rallies, too.

Day 44, originally uploaded by Okko Pyykkö.


Jane Doe is sadly putting away her mittens after returning from Michigan...

Mittens and Hat Set, originally uploaded by mikewade.

Hard Candy

John Doe just watched Hard Candy and has been scarred for life... ugh FearNet on demand... what have you done to me?!!!!!!

Madonna "Hard Candy", originally uploaded by We Work For Free.


confulicious say: caribou lady have lot of baby and even her baby have baby, she find old sugar man to buy her sugar clothes and food.

Caribou, originally uploaded by Hamed Saber.

Water Conservation Project

Jane Doe is hoping her car magically cleans itself.

Water Conservation Project, originally uploaded by Dr. Keats.


John Doe is losing sleep over this election...

Alcoholic Insomnia, originally uploaded by Kr. B..

punks in love

John Doe is loved, just like you!

punks in love, originally uploaded by LordKhan.

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