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Thursday, February 5, 2009


John Doe is back in New York in 9 days. (Cue a series of countdown status updates. Barf.)

Barf Detergent, originally uploaded by indigoprime.

Ice climbing on Mt. Rainier

Jane Doe is gobsmacked, but putting on her game face and climbing like a rockstar tonite.

Dinosaurs Alive at the Heard

John Doe ....I like to tape my thumbs to my hands to see what it would be like to be a dinosaur.

don't freak out!

John Doe's last status freaked too many people out so he took it down.

don't freak out!, originally uploaded by nickskitch.

unicorns are real

Jane Doe just saw a unicorn. WTF drugs are these?

unicorns are real, originally uploaded by berbercarpet.

diary: raining today...

Jane Doe is chanting: RAIN RAIN RAIN!

diary: raining today..., originally uploaded by *Solar ikon*.

Day 98- Anatomy of a Sore Throat

Jane Doe is in so much pain and can't talk. Text please!


John Doe is smelling like baby powder. Not sure why?

Waiting, originally uploaded by conorwithonen.

Puppies for Sale

Jane Doe is to HAPPY all the puppies are SOLD! A little less stress!

Martinee487's Puppies, originally uploaded by kthxema.

Close Up Cuddle

Jane Doe bloody hell that fucking hurtssss!!!! i need a cuddle :(((.

Close Up Cuddle, originally uploaded by fab4chiky.

21/365 Damn It!

Jane Doe is jury duty day 2!!

21/365 Damn It!, originally uploaded by JOE M500.

Caution Tape

Jane Doe just had a run in with a gaffer and some caution tape.

Caution Tape, originally uploaded by Picture Perfect Pose.

Curious George

John Doe is curiouser and curiouser.


John Doe is THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night.

25 Things

John Doe refuses to do the 25 things list... get over it.

25 Things, originally uploaded by JOE M500.


John Doe just realized that last status update mightve been a little overdramatic. hes fine. but still hates hospitals doctors and pain.

Dependancy on Cosmetics, originally uploaded by ClickFlashPhotos.

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